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Changing the Equation in Higher Education Policy

Pamela Burdman’s insightful analyses and policy strategies on college readiness, student success, and math competency requirements lead to profound changes in higher education policy and practice.


Burdman is the founder of Just Equations, a project of the Opportunity Institute that works to re-conceptualize the role of mathematics in educational opportunity. 



“Your analytical insights and bridge-building skills helped forge a network of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers working collectively to improve education outcomes for California community college students." 

Martha J. Kanter,

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Higher Education, New York University;

Former U.S. Under Secretary of Education




"Your strategic vision while you were at the Hewlett Foundation led to concrete policies and practices that helped the community college system in California make student success a priority. Your ability to highlight our most salient challenges and provide insightful, compelling strategies for change benefit the education community as a whole.”

Elnora T. Webb,

President, Laney College, Oakland, CA




“I wish that all writers could capture these kinds of complex issues with such transparency, clarity, and balance!”

George Bunch,

Associate Professor of Education, University of California, Santa Cruz



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