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Changing the Equation in Higher Education Policy



On Higher Education


The Mathematics of Opportunity: Rethinking the Role of Math in Educational Equity, Just Equations, November 2018

Changing the Architecture of Math Opportunity, Just Equations, November 2018

California Expands Math Horizons for College Students, Medium, July 2018


Multiple Paths Forward: Diversifying Math Pathways as a Strategy for Student SuccessWestEd and Just Equations, May 2018

Fewer Students Have to Take College Remedial Math, Data ShowThe Hechinger Report, May 2018


A Quiet Revolt Reshaping the Pathway to CollegeEdSource, April 2018 


CSU Finally Ends Remedial Classes That Delay Progress Toward a Degree, San Francisco Chronicle, August 2017

Placement Tests Land Many Students in a Math Maze Instead of on Pathways to SuccessEdSource, February 2017

CSU Needs More Effective Way to Assess Students' Math ReadinessEdSource, February 2017

Quantitative Leap: How Math Policies can Support Transitions To and Through CollegeLearningWorks, March 2016


Math Placement Tests Deserve More ScrutinyEdSource, November 2015 

Cal State Comes Clean About Math Test’s LimitationsHuffington Post, September 2015


Community Colleges Sending Too Many into Remedial Math, with Eloy Ortiz Oakley, San Francisco Chronicle, May 2015


The Pitfalls of Community College Placement Tests, Huffington Post, May 2015.


Degrees of Freedom: Probing Math Placement Policies at California Colleges and Universities, LearningWorks and Policy Analysis for California Education, May 2015


Building New Pathways to Math Success, EdSource, May 2015


Degrees of Freedom: Varying Routes to Math Readiness and the Challenge of Intersegmental Alignment, LearningWorks and Policy Analysis for California Education, May 2015


Degrees of Freedom: Diversifying Math Requirements for College Readiness and Graduation, LearningWorks and Policy Analysis for California Education, April 2015


How Redesigning Math Education Might Produce More College Grads, The Campaign for College Opportunity, January 2014


Changing Equations: How Community Colleges are Re-thinking College Readiness in Math, LearningWorks, October 2013 


Should College Statistics Courses Substitute for Intermediate Algebra?, The College Puzzle Blog, October 2013


Where To Begin? The Evolving Role of Placement Exams for Students Starting College, Jobs for the Future,  August 2012


A Place for Placement ExamsThe College Puzzle Blog, August 2012


Testing Ground: How Florida Schools and Colleges Are Using a New Assessment to Increase College Readiness, Jobs for the Future, September 2011


Does California's Master Plan Still Work? Change, July/August 2009


Legislators Slash Budgets, Cal State System BleedsKCRW's Which Way, LA?, radio appearance, July 16, 2009


The Student Debt Dilemma: Debt Aversion as a Barrier to College AccessThe Institute for College Access and Success, discussion paper, October 2005 


A Quiet Revolt Puts Costly Journals on WebNew York Times, June 26, 2004



On Education Policy


Do We Spend Too Much On Education?, New York Times, Room for Debate, August 23, 2011


Vision Correction: A Philosopher's View of Equality in Education, Spencer Foundation AERA Lecture, April 2011 


Object Lessons: The Elusive Connection Between Policy and School Improvement, Spencer Foundation Bixby Lecture, October 2010


Learning, Improvement, and Accountability: Outlining the Dimensions of the Data Discourse, Spencer Foundation AERA Lecture, April 2010



On Community Colleges


Focus on Success -- Q&A on Community Colleges and College Readiness, R&D Alert, Spring 2010


A Societal Imperative: Changing the Way We Think About Community Colleges, National Crosstalk, December 2009


Sustaining Changes that Support Student Success in Community CollegesNew Directions for Community Colleges, Spring 2009


Start New Community College Chancellor Off on the Right Foot, with Michael Kirst, San Jose Mercury News,  September 6, 2008


Community College Funding Crucial but Poorly Understood, San Jose Mercury News, February 20, 2008


Too Many California Students Not Ready for College, with Marshall S. Smith, San Francisco Chronicle, June 22, 2007 


Building a 'Bridge to Success' at Colleges, with Marshall S. Smith, Sacramento Bee, February 11, 2007

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