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“Your analytical insights and bridge-building skills helped forge a network of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers working collectively to improve education outcomes for California community college students." 

Martha J. Kanter 

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Higher Education, New York University; Former U.S. Under Secretary of Education




"Your strategic vision while you were at the Hewlett Foundation has led to concrete policies and practices that helped the community college system in California make student success a priority. Your ability to highlight our most salient challenges and provide insightful, compelling strategies for change benefit the education community as a whole."

Elnora T. Webb 

President, Laney College, Oakland, CA




"Your guidance and good insights have been invaluable. And you made the journey more fun!"

Elizabeth Gutierrez 

Director of State Policy, Lumina Foundation (former)



"The breadth of your vision and the scale at which you worked, combined with that ego-less quality, was both breathtaking and inspiring."

Rock Pfotenhauer 

Dean of Career Education, Cabrillo College




"Just a personal thanks for the terrific job you are doing on this. We all appreciate your knowledge of the field, your great abilities to synthesize, and most importantly, the way you listen to people." 

Cyrus Driver 

Senior Director, National Public Education Support Fund




"You are one of the few people around the country who has the broad and deep knowledge and context to be able to help on this project."

Sheri Ranis 

Former Strategy Director, Lumina Foundation




"You were unusually thoughtful about identifying problems and trying to figure out what the real effect of projects and actions might turn out to be.  You brought a lot of worthwhile attention to community colleges and our rather neglected student population."

Ian Walton 

Former President,

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges




"I’m very impressed. You’ve done a terrific job of rendering my argument with subtlety and clarity."

Danielle Allen 

Professor, Institute for Advanced Study



Praise for The Mathematics of Opportunity

"Thank you for the exceptional report"

Ted Coe

 Mathematics Director, Achieve


“A significant contribution to the literature on math education”

Alexandra Logue

 Former Provost, City University of New York



"Bravo for writing such a comprehensive and thought-provoking report on mathematics pathways!”

Erica Heinzman

 Supervisor—Secondary Education, UC San Diego


“The most important thing written in our field for a long time. It shows how radically misguided we have been with making math the mechanism for sorting students.”

Davis Jenkins

 Senior Research Scholar, Community College Research Center 

Praise for Changing Equations



“I am delighted that this report is about to see the light of day. It is a very balanced account of the promise, and emerging evidence, on Pathways alternatives. Thank you for doing this.”

Tony Bryk 

President, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching




“I have to tell you how important and exciting your report is. As always, thorough and well written. But also timely, 

balanced, careful and strong all at the same time.”

Richard Kazis 

Former Senior Vice President, Jobs for the Future




"It may be the best brief I've ever read, Pam. You were masterful, really."

Michael Collins 

Associate Vice President, Jobs for the Future





Praise for Where to Begin?

"A superb document that lays out the issues very clearly."

Richard Atkinson 

President Emeritus, University of California




“I wish that all writers could capture these kinds of complex issues with such transparency, clarity, and balance!”

George Bunch 

Associate Professor of Education, University of California, Santa Cruz




"A significant contribution to moving forward the policy discussion and action agenda around these issues. Nicely done."

David Conley 

CEO, Educational Policy Improvement Center,

University of Oregon





Praise for Degrees of Freedom



"An excellent report with broad implications and high priority action needed."

Janet Fulks 

Dean of Precollegiate and Student Success,

Bakersfield College




“A WOW report. I learned so much from it.”

Bob Gabriner 

Educational Leadership Program Director,

San Francisco State University



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