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Media Mentions

Why Do So Many Students Believe They Are Just Not Cut Out for Math?Atlanta Journal Constitution, November 2018

This Week in California Education, EdSource podcast interview, August 2017


What CSU’s Bold Plan to Eliminate Remedial Classes Needs to Work, San Diego Union Tribune, August 2017


Cal State Drops Intermediate Algebra as Requirement to Take Some College-Level Classes, EdSource, August 2017

CSU Takes Algebra Out of the Equation for Non-Math and Science Majors, Adolfo Guzman, Southern California Public Radio, July 2017

Cal State to End Placement Exams, Inside Higher Education, June 2017


The Politics of Math: Is Algebra Necessary to Obtain a College Degree?, Los Angeles Times, June 2016

Getting Rid of Placement Exams, The Atlantic, March 2016


Gov. Brown Proposes Competition to Create New High School Math Course, EdSource, February 2016


Students Can Satisfy College Math Requirements While in High School, EdSource, December 2015


Three Steps to Improve Course Placement, Education Dive, April 2015


Math Wars, Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Education, April 2015 


Faster Math Path, Paul Fain, Inside Higher Education, October 2013


Struggling for Students’ Readiness, New York Times/Texas Tribune, August 2012


Study on College Placement Exams Energizes Debate about Their Effectiveness, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, August 2012


The Problem with Community College Placement Tests, Community College Review, August 2012

How Valuable are College Placement Tests? Education Week, August 2012 




Beneath the Surface and Across the Systems: A policy analyst’s attempts to chart the mathematics pathways through California’s high schools, community colleges, and public universities

California Education Policy Fellowship Program, Guest Speaker, June 3, 2017

The Math Gateway: Differentiating Math Pathways and the Challenge of Intersegmental Alignment

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative Workshop on Guided Pathways, Presenter, December 7, 2016


Quantitative Leap! Webinar 4: Seizing Twelfth Grade to Improve Math Readiness: Senior-Year Transition Courses 

Organizer/Host, October 2016


Leveraging the Senior Year For Math Readiness

Panel Organizer/Facilitator, Strengthening Student Success Conference, October 2016


Quantitative Leap! Webinar 3: High School Math Course-Taking and College Readiness 

Organizer/Host, September 2016


Quantitative Leap! Webinar 2: Improving the Targeting of Treatment:

Emerging Research Postsecondary Math Placement Policies

Organizer/Host, June 2016


Quantitative Leap! Webinar 1: A Gateway to College: Rethinking Postsecondary 


Organizer/Host, May 2016


California Math Convening: Gateways to Access

Facilitator for U.S. Department of Education meeting, May 2016


California Math Readiness Challenge Discussion

Facilitator for Department of Finance/ PACE convening, April 2016


Quantitative Leap: How Math Policies Can Support Transitions To and Through College

PACE/ LearningWorks/ EdInsights Sacramento Convening, March 2016


Aligning Math Together

Facilitator for Workshops on Math Placement Challenges,

University of California Articulation Conferences, February & March 2016


Leveraging Common Core Tests for College Readiness

College Readiness: What Does it Mean for Higher Education, Education Writers’ Association panel, February 2016


Seizing the Opportunity: Quantitative Reasoning in the 21st Century

California State University Quantitative Reasoning Task Force, February 2016


Math Placement: The California Context

Testing and Beyond: Summit on the Future of College Math Placement, November 2015


Re-Thinking Math Readiness:  The Challenge of Intersegmental Alignment 

Marin Curriculum Alignment Project Kick-off Keynote Speaker, November 2015 


Degrees of Freedom: Developmental Math Innovation and University Transfer

Strengthening Student Success Conference, October 2015 


Degrees of Freedom: Diversification in Postsecondary math Requirements and the Challenge of Intersegmental Alignment

CUNY Central Office, June 2015 


Degrees of Freedom: Implications of New Math Pathways

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, Higher Education Leads Meeting, June 2015


The Role of Policy in Improving Student Success

Los Angeles Community College District, Achieving the Dream Retreat, May 2015


Degrees of Freedom:  Diversification in Postsecondary Math Requirements and the Challenge of Intersegmental Alignment 

LearningWorks/PACE convening, May 2015 


Moderator for Developmental Mathematics: For whom? Toward what ends? 

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Critical Issues in Mathematics Education, March 2015


Re-Thinking College Readiness in Math: Community College Experiments and the Implications for Transfer 

University of California, Berkeley Center for Studies in Higher Education, December 2014 


Seeking Convergence, Accelerated Math Pathways and the Common Core 

Strengthening Student Success Conference, October 2014


Changing Equations:  How community Colleges Are Re-Thinking College Readiness in Math

Strengthening Student Success Conference, October 2013


Where to Begin?  The Evolving Role of Placement Exams for Students Starting College

American Association of Community Colleges Annual Conference, April 2013


Where to Begin?  The Evolving Role of Placement Exams for Students Starting College

Achieving the Dream Webinar, September 2012


Where to Begin? The Evolving Role of Placement Exams for Students Starting College

Strengthening Student Success Conference, October 2012


Where to Begin?  The Evolving Role of Placement Exams for Students Starting College

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, Convocation on Developmental Education, September 2012


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