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Changing the Equation in Higher Education Policy


Other Publications


On Education


Shut Out of the System, Black Issues in Higher Education, June 3, 2004


Higher ed and low-income students – Budget cuts are forcing the state’s universities to pare enrollments while raising fees and tuition. How does this affect low-income students? California Journal, June 2004


Has the State Become an Albatross?  Some of Virginia’s public universities are seeking greater freedom, National Crosstalk, Spring 2004


Best of the College Rankings, Princeton Alumni Weekly, October 8, 2003


Colorado’s Grand Experiment – Voucher program could give the state’s colleges a new lease on life, National Crosstalk, Spring 2003


Dollars & Sense -- Princeton’s ambitious financial aid program is changing the makeup of the student body, but is it good for higher education? Princeton Alumni Weekly, April 23, 2003


Extra Credit, Extra Criticism, Black Issues in Higher Education, October 26, 2000.


UC Professors Cleared After Federal Probe Into Grants, San Francisco Chronicle, May 2, 1999


Overbooked – State Universities Unready for Sea of Students, San Francisco Chronicle, March 30, 1999


Part-Time Instructors Busy Working Overtime, San Francisco Chronicle, May 1, 1998


Scandal at Monterey Naval School, San Francisco Chronicle, January 16, 1998


UC Berkeley Cuts Back on Library Book-Buying – Emphasis on Computers Worries Some, San Francisco Chronicle, December 9, 1997


Worth of SAT Exam Questioned, San Francisco Chronicle, November 11, 1997


Brave New Campus – Cal State Monterey Bay, San Francisco Chronicle, October 7, 1997


The Long Goodbye, Lingua Franca, June/July 1997


Scholars Gather in Berkeley to Talk About Whiteness, San Francisco Chronicle, April 12, 1997


Privatization Tugs at Public Universities – Competition for cash brings profound change, San Francisco Chronicle, August 5, 1996



On Race and Diversity


Exposing the Truth and Fiction of Racial Data, California Journal, August 2003


Diversity Drama at the University of California,, June 24, 2002


A Colorblind California?, May 9, 2002


Voice of Dissent, interview with Dr. John McWhorterBlack Issues in Higher Education, May 10, 2001


Ebonics Tests Linguistic Definition – Politics tempers rules, scholars say, San Francisco Chronicle, December 26, 1996


Lesbians Want U.N. Recognition, San Francisco Chronicle, September 9, 1995




On Immigration


Pulling Back on Extended Families, San Francisco Chronicle, August 2, 1995


Twenty Years Out of Saigon, San Francisco Chronicle, April 16, 1995 


Opponents Plan Campaign to Block Prop. 187, San Francisco Free Press, November 9, 1994


Feinstein May Have Employed Undocumented Housekeeper, San Francisco Free Press, November 3, 1994


Many Stops Along the Smuggler's Trail, San Francisco Chronicle, December 15, 1993


Deportees Face Harsh Penalties, San Francisco Chronicle, November 24, 1993


Business of Human Smuggling Tests U.S. Immigration Policies, San Francisco Chronicle, April 30, 1993 


Grim Life for Smuggled Chinese, San Francisco Chronicle, April 29, 1993



On Asian Culture:


A Cross-Cultural Training, Foundation News & Commentary, September/October 2000


At tmut – A Cambodian Virtue Perseveres Through Hardship, Wildflowers Institute, Studies 2000 Curriculum


Bullet Marasigan – A Filipina American Study in Contradictions, Wildflowers Institute, Studies 2000 Curriculum


Ancient Art, Ancient Artists, San Francisco Chronicle, February 26, 1997



On China


Upheaval in China Seen as Unlikely – Academics, Politicians, assess future after Deng, San Francisco Chronicle, February 20, 1997


China, U.S. Clash Over Garbage – S.F. Exporter Jailed in Smuggling Case, San Francisco Chronicle, January 20, 1997


Women’s Status in China -- Beyond the ClichesSan Francisco Chronicle

September 13, 1995


A Cantonese Failure, Far Eastern Economic Review, November 1, 1990


Beijing, June 1989, Princeton Alumni Weekly, September 27, 1989



On Politics


Coming Home, California Journal, October 2004 


Movin' on, California Journal, August 2004


Beam me up (To Youngstown!) -- Despite his conviction, his expulsion from the U.S. House and a really bad hairpiece, former Ohio Rep. Jim Traficant will find that some in Youngstown still love him,, July 25, 2002 (pdf)

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