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Announcing My New Report On College Math Requirements: "Degrees of Freedom"

I'm happy to share my new report, DEGREES OF FREEDOM: Diversifying Math Requirements for College Readiness and Graduation, the first in a series being published by LearningWorks and Policy Analysis for California Education about the role of math competency requirements in college preparation and success. This first report highlights initiatives to rethink math requirements across the spectrum from high school to medical school. While the standard has long been two years of algebra and a year of geometry, leading to pre-calculus and calculus, alternative pathways in areas such as statistics, data analysis, modeling, and computer science are starting to diversify math education. The new approaches are driven in part by new uses of math in academia and industry, and in part by concerns that the standard curriculum has been linked to low math achievement. I look forward to hearing your reactions to the series.

Stay tuned: Reports 2 and 3 in the series will be out next month!

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